Baby Bath Mat
23.01.2016 11:13
Baby bath time can be made fun and worry-less if you have baby bath mat among your baby bath accessories. From the baby bath seat to the regular tub, what can you do to ensure your child’s safety during this transition from infancy to toddler stage?

Children during bath are usually very active and restless; bathing them always becomes difficult for moms. With a baby bath mat, you can wash your baby, soap him and still keep him steady. The bath mats are best against dangerous slips or falls. You can find a lot of baby products on mothercare vouchers.

Many bath mats, usually made from vinyl, are smaller in width as they only cover a part of the tub. Today though, some baby bath mats in the market are designed with larger width and length to cover the entire tub. They have more than a hundred suction cups for getting rid of any slippery part. You won’t worry about kids not liking them because they have soft and buffer surface. The suctions create a strong grip on the bath tub. They are easy to clean to wash using the machine; some have anti-bacterial features and can be easily cleaned and dried so no mildew can grow on them. After using them, you can simply wipe them dry or scrub them to remove any shampoo or soap residue. Whether small or large bath mats can be conveniently rolled up every bathing time and can be reused the next time. Bath mats are also portable to carry on travels.

How do you choose the best bath mat for your baby? As early as six months old, a baby begins to develop eye-hand-foot-body coordination. As a parent, you begin to be aware of the things that visually stimulate or fascinate your child. Oftentimes, colors, shapes and designs will make them wide-eyed from interest. When shopping for a baby mat, consider one that will interest your child. For example, flowers and fruits may interest baby girls but boys may prefer animals and cars. Girls may like the Disney characters of Minnie Mouse or Princesses, or of Nemo and other Disney characters for the boys. These mats have characters in colorful designs. These funky designs will surely keep your baby amused, busy and steady. Some bath mats are made with pretty colors that will surely enhance your baby’s visual development.

In conclusion, the safety of your child during bathing matters most. As a rule of the thumb, never leave your child without assistance. As long as your child is still enjoying the water, stay with him and let him have fun. However, make sure that you have observed all precautions by making sure that you have safe bath accessories like a bath tub ring and bath seats. You can also make bath time accident-free with a non-slip bath mat.


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